IMG_00000074Welcome!... to your right are music samples ranging from very recent to my band "The Change (2008-12)".  Please give a listen...Any feedback is appreciated.

Shaman Ayerhart, is the man behind the production of most of the music you hear; Except "Be Good, Be Safe", Let's Remember" and My Father's Son" which were recorded mixed at Studio 515 in Nashville, TN

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Photography, Poetry, and Fictional works throughout your time on the site here today.

The Change - Rivoli - August 03, 2011-24

"New Music, Country in particular is looking for a diverse artist who uses all music to create a melding pot of genres. Folk, Bluegrass, Blues and Jazz to name a few.  Not dis-similar to what we used to call "Rock n' Roll" of groups like "The Band" and countless others of the 1970's"

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I was sitting on a bale of hay

Sun shining down on me

When a blue bird landed on my hand,

and asked one little thing

Said he'd forever be in debt to me

Yeah he'd forever be in debt to me

He said can you find it in your heart

to change your ways

Cause where you see progress of man

I'll tell you what I see

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 Marcus Adrian McDowell 


I'm amazed with each new day, She takes me to a new place

Far away from the things of man

As a youngster I remember, dreaming me up a plan

Of what life would be before it knocked me down

t was raining till the sun came out

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The Arms Of Glory

The Arms Of Glory

By: Marcus Adrian McDowell

Six white horses, and a dinner set for two

Looking out over yonder, under the light of a Harvest moon

Taking in the natural beauty of the land, me and my baby

We’ll stay a little longer now, just breathing in what we found


Being here in the arms of glory,

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As A Child


Marcus Adrian McDowell


The setting sun peers its eyes, through the yellow leaves of autumn time

To light up the evening hours

You walk along to forest floor, taking in all and more

Than one man could ever dream of

Haven’t felt this kind of joy in a long time


As a child I remember looking out the window pane

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